With the new products of “Alvorodesign”, shoe care is taken to a level of perfection.

The design and functionality of these trunks are unique. With this part of your furniture, when placed in your living area, “Alvorodesign” offers you an accessory that meets the demands of shoe care to a great extent and gives the user a possibility of adequate care for their expensive and manually crafted shoes. Functionality is in the foreground, besides the exclusive appearance. Thus, for example, the upper surface of the shoe keeping compartment is perforated on both sides, so that the dust and dirt is accumulated in a separate drawer out of which can be easily disposed of.

The drawers are equipped with rails which do not allow complete pull out of the drawer itself and at same time allow smooth movement and comfortable experience.

The larger and more complex shaped trunks for shoe care from “Alvorodesign” leave nothing to be desired: selected timber like maple, mahogany, cherry, beech, maple, walnut, rosewood or walnut is used according to your own wish. This line of products also allows processing of precious metals as fittings.

The shoe placement surfaces are also unique and allow comfortable shoe care in order for your shoes to maintain their good shape. Placement surfaces can be also used as so called “shoe lifters” since the surfaces can be adjusted according to you needs.

The love for your expensive and hand-made shoes gives you the right to emphasize the importance of proper shoe care. The precious, quality and expensive shoe maintenance kits should also be appropriately stored.

In that case you should opt for the “shoe care boxes program” with which “Alvorodesign” set new design standards. The massive base is made out of fine timber and, along with the metal-fitting free solution, provides a simple, unobtrusive appearance of high elegance. The fact that the boxes are covered with the finest leather creates direct connection with your hand-made shoes. As an individual part of the furniture, the shoe care boxes enrich your home decoration. The shoe care boxes can be easily transported on your terrace for more detailed usage.

Latest developments demand modular concepts for shoe maintenance.

The modular concept of the shoe storage box features the opportunity for individual design and usage. The user is given the opportunity to store the highly expensive shoes in an appropriate environmental setting. The storing possibilities are limitless – shoes can be placed either in separate compartments, next to each other or on top of each other, even rearranged later on if the future needs demand. Each shoe gets its own storage box. The inner, sliding wooden grid enables excellent options for ventilation and drying, as well as easy to use placement. As an addition, air vents are incorporated on the front and rear side of the box, in order to give the shoes enough air to “breathe”. Available in universal colors, shoe boxes can be used in your office which will provide you and easy-to swap possibility in any time possible. All shoes up to size 46 can be placed within the boxes, and for those above the aforementioned size, an option for customized order is available. All this features present the modular shoe boxes of Alvoro as a real alternative of the classical shoe cabinets.

This program is also complemented by the mobile and fully equipped box for shoe care products which enables you the option to keep your shoe maintenance tools few steps away of your shoes.